NPR – February 27, 2015

While the average size of new houses gets bigger every year in the U.S., some people are trying to do more with less. A lot less. Tiny houses and micro apartments are now a niche trend in the housing market.

I wouldn’t say that the rooms were small,
(But, your behind is in the hall.)


The Wall Street Journal – February 26, 2015

Many traditional toymakers are having a tough time as competition intensifies from digital games… But, Lego, owned by Denmark’s richest family, said it expects continued sales growth in 2015.

Our kids continue to brick’em up,
(But they never learn to pick’em up.)


The Wall Street Journal – February 25, 2015

They wonder if automation technology is nearing a tipping point, when machines finally master traits that have kept human workers irreplaceable.

As robots advance in maturity,
You wonder about job security.


BBC – February 23, 2015

There was a pent-up demand and excitement for Fifty Shades of Grey last weekend, so this was its destiny after it broke the box-office record for the biggest opening in February and didn’t have the added bonus of a holiday weekend.

‘Fifty Shades” with rope and whip,
Holds ticket sales within its grip.


NZ TV – February 2015

A Canadian politician has blamed cheap, tight underwear for his sudden departure from Parliament causing him to miss a vote on anti-terror legislation.

An inventive excuse to seize on,
When politics puts the squeeze on.