The Wall Street Journal – February 6-7 2016

A sharp dive in technology shares underscores investor worries about uneven US economic growth as the latest lackluster corporate earnings fueled a rush out of stocks.

Tech stocks that “swoon” a breed apart’
To be avoided by the “faint of heart.”


BBC NEWS – Februry 6, 2016

As Brazil faces its worst recession in two decades, some small and medium cities across the country have decided not to spend any money on celebrations.

Mute the music, dim the light,
When mosquitos (and reality) bite.[/box


Yahoo Finance – February 1, 2016

The bad news and bad omen is that “as January goes, so goes the year” 72% of the time. According to Howard Silverblatt and his great analytical research over at, there is a very high likelihood that the market will be down for the year if this adage and statistical correlation holds true.

Response to this ominous omen?
Queasiness In the abdomen.


The Wall Street Journal – January 31, 2016

Long thought of as vexingly dated, the double-breasted jacket has returned in fitter – and more flattering – form… trimmed down ..can be worn unbuttoned.

Resurrected from fashion’s rubble,
Designers have you seeing double.


Associated Press – January 29,2015

Barbie, the iconic plastic doll, who’s small waist and long legs have been criticized for creating unrealistic expectations for girls, will soon be sold with three new buddies – curvy, tall and petite.

In the REAL world, one can only gripe,
That they CAN’T change their body type.