Yahoo Finance- July 27, 2016

Retirees and other investors are reaching farther and farther for yield. They’re piling into all sorts of increasingly risky investments. So, it should come as no surprise that credit spreads are shrinking between what in theory are risk-free investments and other investments.

If 10% “junk” makes you giggle or gasp,
Your financial “reach exceeds your grasp.”

{ 0 comments } – May 6, 2016

The staple of you dad’s dressing has been reinvented: the most classic of classic fashion blunders has now become a safe space for summer wardrobe.

REPRIEVE for one of fashion’s scandals.
Now men MAY WEAR their socks with sandals.


The Hollywood Reporter – July 23, 2013

“Wonder Woman has long stood with Batman and Superman in the trinity of DC’s most iconic superheroes, but she also stands alone as a symbol of equality, justice and female empowerment and is more relevant today than ever,” Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, said in a statement.

And she never aged; a contradiction.
(Possible When your life’s a total fiction.)


The Wall Street Journal – July 20, 2016

Traditional game lingo loses its neutrality as some players inject politics: “we do it with gusto.”

A placid bid or “kick in the rump?”
As players slyly bark, “NO TRUMP.”


The Wall Street Journal – July 19, 2016

New evidence suggests placebos may affect the body, not just the mind; real benefits from fake drugs.

Food for thought on the medicine platter,
More proof of the adage “mind over matter.”