– April 25, 2015

Starbucks was back in business Saturday after a computer outage forced thousands of its stores to close early the night before. Newsday April 25

Said the IT guy, “This glitch is a dandy.”
Or in Starbuck speak, “a frigging Grande.”


Daily – April 24, 2015

Nowadays, seven percent of the adult British population is vegetarian, with figures rising every month.  But, the rest of the population is sticking to their guns and eating meat.

Some like their veggies green and fresh.
Some like the “pleasures of the flesh.”


Yahoo Answers-

Several blog queries about reactions to the taste of tofu.

Many will utter an obscene word,
In the presence of  soybean curd.


The Wall Street Journal – April 21, 2015

Can a bar robot card someone? Can it wipe down a bar? Can it commiserate with a jilted boyfriend?

One feature is sure to cause chagrin,
“It’s on the house,” is NOT programmed in.


The WSJ Street Journal – April 19, 2015

The Apple Watch Edition is poised to disrupt the long reign of  luxury Swiss mechanical timepieces. But will the status symbol of the future really be a $17,000 smartwatch?

The old versus the new: which will excel?
In the world of watches, only time will tell.