July 27, 2014

Tech startups are dominated by men, even for companies whose customers, subscribers or users are predominantly female. That can create a problem for male CEOs perhaps best described as an instinct gap.

Why are these tech chief execs,
So confused by the opposite sex?


The Wall Street Journal- March 17, 2012

Risk tolerance is thought to lie on a continuum, with risk-avoiding scaredy-cats at one end and risk-seeking daredevils at the other. But it is not an easy thing to measure. In fact, although some experts believe risk tolerance is a stable personality trait, others, such as Mr. Milevsky, think it is more fleeting.

Talk is cheap while loss is dear.
So, calibrate your fiscal fear.


The Wall Street Journal- July 23, 2014

The leisurely scene of decades past—sipping a glass of orange juice, scanning the newspaper—has given way to an average of just 12 minutes a day for consuming breakfast, said Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst for research firm NPD Group

Nutritionally speaking; not much to show,
Mostly the object is ” Get up and GO!”


WSJ- July 18, 2014

Dean Foods Suffers as Consumers Sour on Cow Milk. Shoppers’ zeal for healthier foods and beverages has turned the tables on a small soy-milk supplier and its former parent, America’s largest milk processor.

Who would have guessed that a soy milk brew,
Would challenge milk derived from MOO.


NPR-July 19, 2014

Givens believes that the fist bump stands out in the world of nonverbal gestures. “The fist bump is one of the few gestures that is equal,” he tells Goats and Sodas. “You could do it with President Obama, and you’d both be equals at that time.”
That’s because the knuckles are meeting at the same level — neither bumper has the upper hand, so to speak.

Handshake or fist-bump; each can express,
A simple sense of togetherness.