The Wall Street Journal – October 24, 2014

Archaeologists have uncovered the highest known Ice Age settlement in the world, a tool – littered campground reaching up to 14,700 feet above sea level… The evidence suggests inhabitants wore necklaces of quartz crystals and bone beads

Ancient people, same old thing,
Food, shelter, sex and a little bling.


NPR- October 24, 2014

A European spacecraft orbiting a distant comet has finally answered a question we’ve all been wondering: What does a comet smell like? “It stinks,” says Kathrin Altwegg, a researcher at the University of Bern in Switzerland who runs an instrument called ROSINA that picked up the odor…The mix includes ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and formaldehyde (CH2O).

Deep analytical persistence,
Shows this comet should keep its distance.


The Wall Street Journal – October 22, 2014

“Big data” is disrupting the business of American politics just as it is other industries. Ever since Pres. Barack Obama is re-election team showed that candidates could use data to squeeze out every last vote, all the political operatives have been trying to catch up, changing not only how campaigns are run, but who runs them

The “machine politician” of yesteryear,
Today is a data-base engineer.


NPR- October 19, 2014

The arrival of a “mountain-sized” comet, Siding Spring (C/2013 A1), is made all the more extraordinary by the fact that humans — who were busy refining their stone-tool-making skills the last time such an event might have occurred — now have spacecraft from multiple countries at the Red Planet to see it happen.

An old comet guest to set sight on.
I hope that Mars “leaves a light on.”


The Wall Street Journal- October 17, 2014

Pen and pencil makers are going back to school, learning to sell writing implements in the age of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

That yellow “Number-Two” pencil;
Soon a “digital writing utensil.”