The Wall Street Journal – June 26, 2016

Restaurant visit growth has completely stalled in the last three months, signaling that consumers, jittery over economic uncertainties, are retrenching.

Appetites wane when markets crunch,
While your stocks are “eating your lunch.”


CNN – June 26, 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wouldn’t answer questions Sunday about whether Donald Trump is qualified for the presidency, saying he’ll “leave that to the American people to decide.”

Some will answer, Mitch will NOT.
Sometimes “silence” reveals a lot.


Yahoo Finance – Jun10, 2016

As the war over Zika virus treatment spending wages on in Congress, sales of mosquito repellent have skyrocketed…Companies that make bug spray have responded to the demand, both by increasing production and also boosting price

If there’s a need the market will fill it;
Brand, package, deliver and bill it.


BBC NEWS – August 12 2015

Engineers have developed a robotic system that can evolve and improve its performance. A robot arm builds “babies” that get progressively better at moving without any human intervention

While celebrity nonsense we’re snatching-up,
Robots are relentlessly catching-up.


Chicago Tribune – June 21, 2016

Doctors who accept free meals from the pharmaceutical industry are more likely to prescribe certain branded drugs to Medicare patients

I hope that the drug prescribing venue’
Is NOT controlled by a luncheon menu.