Reuters Oddly Enough News – November 15, 2016

A new species of frog, whose groin flashes orange to scare away predators has been discovered in Australia.

[Box]A froggy and novel mode of defense:
“Don’t mess with me. See, I’m IMMENSE.[/box]


Fox 4 News – January 14, 2017

The circus, dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth” announced that due to rising costs and lagging attendance, they would be closing operations and performing their last show in May this year. The circus ended their elephant acts in January 2016 amid mounting pressure from animal rights activists that the show’s treatment of elephants was cruel and inhumane.

And, soon we’ll see banality,
In Virtual Reality.


Surreal had three major spikes in interest that were higher in volume and were sustained for longer periods of time than in past years. In March, the word was used in coverage of the Brussels terror attacks. Then, in July, we saw the word spike again: it was used in descriptions of the coup attempt in Turkey and in coverage of the terrorist attack in Nice. Finally, we saw the largest spike in lookups for surreal following the U.S. election in November.

“Surreal” is indeed a perfect selection,
Describing the Clinton/Trump election.


Read journal – January 15, 2017

Health Care’s Bipartisan Problem: The Sick Are Expensive and Someone Has to Pay
With Congress poised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, most lawmakers want to maintain coverage for people with pre-existing conditions—the available options all have downsides

The issue cuts much deeper.
“Am I my brother’s keeper?”


The Wall Street Journal- January 6 2017

About $20 million in cash hidden inside a box spring in a Massachusetts apartment was seized as part of a wide-ranging investigation into an internet telecom company that was actually a massive international pyramid scheme, federal prosecutors said. A Brazilian man was arrested and charged with money laundering.

You wake up wealthy; but grumpy,
When your matress is excessively lumpy.