The logic behind the idea of calorie posting is that it will educate consumers about how many calories they are about to eat, in the hopes that this will, in turn, curb problems related to overeating, such as obesity and diabetes.

Will those who take the fast food path,
Slow down enough to “do the math?”


Th Wall Street Journal – May 21, 2016 card balances are on track to hit $1 trillion this year, as banks aggressively push their plastic and customers grow more comfortable carrying a debt.

The consequence of this level of debt?
One obvious candidate; REGRET.


ABC NEWS – May 16, 2016

Mass General is calling the transplant a “surgical milestone,” reports CBS Boston. The hospital refers to the procedure “the nation’s first genitourinary vascularized composite allograft transplant.”

An amazing surgical correction,
For a joyful “res-erection.”


The Wall Street Journal

Folding laundry stubbornly remains of the job done by hand… Folding laundry frustrates most everyone.

What a wonderful world this would be,
If everything was wrinkle-free.


MarketDash – May 6, 2016

Stocks rebounded from a weak payrolls-inspired open to finish higher today but still finished the week lower.

Do markets “think?” Not so, I’m thinking.
If some think they do; what are they drinking?