BBC – October 22, 2016

The hamster was born hairless due to a genetic mutation, except for short curly whiskers on her snout. “She does need to be kept in a heated environment,” especially in winter, said

Even “hamster news” is a welcome diversion,
From the ugly, devisive, election excursion.

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The social network Snapchat joined the discussion last week by filing a court brief in the New Hampshire case, arguing that engaging in social media is a way of political expression — a millennial’s version of an “I Voted” sticker that keeps them

To click or not to click; a schism.
A referendum on NARCISSISM.


The New York Times – October 18, 2016

Pension funds, endowments, 401(K) retirement plans and retail investors are flooding into passive investment funds, which run on autopilot by tracking an index. Stock pickers, archetypes of 20th century Wall Street are being pushed to the margins.

Big fees and UNDERperformance too often
Hammer nails into the stock-picker’s coffin.


The New York Times – October 16, 2016

For many people, working out and alcohol are closely linked. Sports teams and training partners celebrate victories, bemoan defeats or mark the end of training sessions with a beer or three. Beer, in fact, provides a substantial portion of some exercisers’ fluid intake after workouts.

No science required. You always knew,
To reward yourself with a frosty brew.


Reuters- October 15, 2016

A U.S. ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones aboard aircraft kicks in from October 15 over safety fears. Paul Chapman reports.

It’s ending soon after it started,
This SMARTphone was somehow “outsmarted.”