The Wall Street Journal – October 2, 2015

With crimes against grammar rising in the age of social media, some people are beginning to take action. The online dating world is a prime battleground.

How do you think your grammar rates,
As you conjugate your verbs (and dates.)


BBC-September 30, 2015

Insurers are among those with the biggest interest in climate change as the syndicates operating at Lloyd’s, the world’s oldest insurance market, are the most exposed to disasters such as hurricanes and floods.. Mr Carney (Bank of England Govenor) said the after-effects of such disasters were likely to grow worse: “The challenges currently posed by climate change pale in significance to what might come.”

You know it’s true when a bank relates.
It “follow the money” (and insurance rates.)


NPR – September 25, 2015

It’s easy to be scared of these (food)additives when we know so little about them. “As it happens, it doesn’t take much to understand,” Ettlinger says.

Before you can rally “agin’it,”
Be sure you know REALLY what’s in it.”


WSJ – September 29, 2015

After paying billions in fines to settle allegations that traders tried to rig a key currency benchmark, banks are increasingly turning to computer programs to carry out foreign exchange trades.

Human traders? We’re done with’em.
Meet the new guy, Al Gorithm.


BBC – September 26, 2015

So-called “malvertising” often installs ransomware on to a victim’s machine. It loads a page containing false accusations of criminal activity and instructions for paying a fine.

For porno watchers in the mood,
Here’s a sexless way to get screwed.