The Island Packet- August 19,2014

New research suggests that antiperspirants actually increase the levels of odorous bacteria populating the armpits… In fact, there are more bacteria in your armpits then there are humans on this planet.

It’s one of those surprising bits;
You’ve got a whole world in your pits.


BBC News – August 15, 2014

Criminals are smuggling billions in US bank notes into Mexico every year, but help could be on the way for border guards. A machine that can “smell” dollars – like a sniffer dog senses narcotics – is being developed.

At borders this novel disruption:
Detecting the “whiff of corruption.”


The Wall Street Journal- December 8, 2007

Last year, a man was booked on charges of stealing cars and reselling their parts. He declared his innocence, but his cellphone suggested otherwise: Its screensaver pictured him
behind the wheel of a stolen yellow Ferrari.

Proverbs 16:18 said it all.
“Pride cometh before a fall.”


The Wall Street Journal- August 12, 2014

Strong second-quarter earnings and economic trends help investors shrug off turmoil overseas.

A world in flames, the outlook dire-
Just fuel to drive the hot stocks higher.


NPR- August 11, 2014

But practiced at its highest level, mise-en-place (French phrase that means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking) says that time is precious. Resources are precious. Space is precious. Your self-respect and the respect of others are precious. Use them wisely. Isn’t that a philosophy for our time?

Check the list of your life’s ingredients,
Then cook up a plan and reduce expedience.