The Wall Street Journal — January 29, 2015

Throughout the country, small breweries are holding events to showcase one–time–only types of beer as a way to make a little money, take risks with off– the–wall ingrediants such as the vidalia onions, guava, chocolate and coconut – and stand out in the increasing competitive craft beer scene.

Beware the too exotic muse,
Lest brewers brew what I’d refuse.


NPR – January 27, 2015

The political network led by industrialists Charles and David Koch plans to spend $889 million for the 2016 elections. In modern politics, it’s more than just a ton of money.It’s about as much as the entire national Republican Party spent in the last presidential election cycle, four years ago.

You could run for office, but why try it,
When it seems much easier to buy it.


The Wall Street Journal – January 24–25, 2015

Increasing numbers of beekeepers, who are generally in their 50s and 60s, are considering early retirement, or are being forced out of the business as honeybees continue to die at alarming rates

Sad beekeepers toll the knell,
As bees buzz, “I don’t feel so well.”


BBC – January 23, 2015

The blue and gold braided beard on the burial mask of pharaoh Tutankhamun has been hastily glued back on after it was damaged, museum officials say.

For 3000 years it stayed in place.
Probably a record for “saving face.”


The Wall Street Journal – January 21, 2015

Winter’s chilly months are the perfect time for warm, comforting foods—perhaps even soup noodles, which can be easily made at

The things that disturb us: oodles.
But, there’s always the comfort of noodles.