NPR – December 6, 2017

As an exasperated  Jeremiah Tower told Bon Appetit Magazine, “When I see little dots on a plate, am I supposed to stick my fork in each sauce? Am I supposed to drag my finger across the plate and lick it off? A spoonful of sauce slid on the plate looks like the cat’s ass has been used to drag the purée across.”

Dots and dashes of sauce are a chef’s Morse Code,

For a fancy touch (and a check upload.)





The New York times – October 21,  2017

The Room-Service Revolution: How Hotels Are Upping Their Game
In-room dining was a dying art. But the rise of celeb-chefs in hotel restaurants and food-delivery services are giving guests innovative new ways to combine gluttony and privacy.

You get a “room with a view”

And bouillabaisse too.


Reuters Oddly Enough – January 18, 2017

The artist behind the exhibition entitled “Strong and soft touches” is a 423-kilogram (930 pound) brown bear named Juuso who uses his body, especially his paws, as brushes.

Bear smudges and drips may seem funny,
But, it’s hard for a bear to make money.


The Wall Street Journal – December 9, 2016

While art collections have a long graced great rooms and hallways, some luxury homeowners display cherished. pieces in the bathroom. Art lovers say they like Like the jewel-box effect when vibrant artis featured in small spaces.

A “bathroom gallery” is an apt location,
For truly serious contemplation.


Art Daily – May 16, 2016

The audience for Warhol continues to be strong, as well as for Abstract Expressionism, with the works on paper in the sale also realizing new levels.

At the gallery where the Warhol was cooped-up’
Campbell can prices were magically souped-up.