The Wall Street Journal – March 28, 2018

Employees say managers discouraged complaints or looked the other way.

“Sleazy behavior” – what’s in back of it?
“Culture,” or more likely the LACK of it.


Reuters- February 1, 2018

Major global insurers are starting to offer protection against cryptocurrency theft, willing to tackle daunting challenges it brings rather than miss out on this volatile and loosely regulated, but rapidly growing business.

It’s “secret” and dicey, but here’s the reaction:

How can we get a “piece of the action?”



The fact that so much data is collected through a wearable device, such as an activity tracker, a smartwatch, or a pulse tracker, means that there are tangible risks involved, according to Conan Dooley, a senior security engineer with Box, and previously a senior security analyst with Bishop Fox.

While you’re earnestly tracking your fitness,‬
‪Your wristband may be “bearing witness.”‬


North New – December 4, 2017

Operating a drone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol would be a disorderly persons offense under a bipartisan bill that advanced from an Assembly committee Monday, as would using a drone to harm wildlife or endanger people or property.

DRIVING drunk is a “no-no.”
But, who would have thunk,
That a “higher” offense
Would be “DRONING drunk.”


The Wall Street Journal – October 4, 2017

A massive data breach at Yahoo  in 2013 was far more extensive than previously disclosed, affecting all of its 3 billion user accounts, new parent company Verizon Communications Inc.  said on Tuesday.

“B” as in billions, a security bog.

But, you’re probably safe if a baby or dog.