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Yahoo Finance – June 8, 201

City in China reportedly unveils a walking lane for people who are busy on their phones.

Innovative thinking! And next we envision
Concussion helmets for “heads-down” collision.


Market Watch may 12, 2018

Rising college costs and stagnant wages combined with state and federal disinvestment in higher education have made students and families more reliant on debt to fund a college education.

What will students earn from it?
What will we alł learn from it?


The Wall Street Journal – November 25, 2017

For all the problems technology solves it seems to complicate our lives, so much so that a growing category for the industry is dedicated to simplify it.

“Useful but simple”- a worthy goal.
(Plus a tad more SELF-control.)



Associated Press –  December 7, 2017

With a bill like a duck but teeth like a croc’s, a swanlike neck and killer claws, a new dinosaur species uncovered by scientists looks like something Dr. Seuss could have dreamed up.

Part duck, croc, swan with sharp claws addition.
They’ve unearthed a fossil “politician.”


The Wall Street Journal –  November 6, 2017

…Many street performers are turning to digital payment services for tips as fewer people walk around with cash.

“Passing the hat” is passé,

Apps let you tip in a digital way.