These are all poems about fashion based on real news stories and headlines.

The Wall Street Journal – June 6, 2017

As some men fever a less – formal look, clothiers are coming up with collars that can stand on their own and look stylish, not sloppy.

“Less formal” in its steady march,
Seeks collars with no droop, no starch.


The Wall Street Journal – June 2, 2017

For more than a decade now, well past the lifespan allotted most trends, skinny jeans have dominated denim sales … Women are rediscovering the more authentic joys of 100% cotton denim.

What’s NOT a “stretch” is that fashions knows,
When to beat the drum for a change of clothes.


The Wall Street Journal – June 11-12 2017

A wave of chemical-free beauty brands has turned natural deodorant into a more respected , and prettily packaged category.

Where are the sprays, roll-ons, or sticks,
To fight the stench of POLITICS?


Reuters – April 26, 2017

The “Echo Look “opens up a new realm of shopping experiences,” said Werner Goertz, a Gartner Inc analyst. It may one day herald the use of augmented reality in e-commerce so shoppers can “try things on visually before you make your buying decision.

Fashion “deciphered.” The look of your clothes,
Simply reduced to “X’s” and “O’s.”


The Wall Street Journal – April 17, 2017

High and chains, which raise prices incessantly over the past decade are learning the hard way that even wealthy customers are hunting for better deals and selections, whether online or at shops run by individual brands.

The appeal of “exclusive” may fail.
Never discount the power of “SALE.”