These are all poems about fashion based on real news stories and headlines.

Market Dash  – September 9, 2017

Investors who think they can be successful stock pickers are about to get some sobering news from new academic research. The good news: Yes, buying one stock gives you better odds than buying a lottery ticket. The bad news: Those “better” odds are still much too awful to stake your future on.

Charts and theories provide advice.

What counts? The roll of the dice.


The Wall Street Journal  – September 2, 2017

Brazilian born experts spread their gospel of pubic hairlessnessvia body waxing.  The laser technique directs laser light towardthe hair follicle, killing the follicle’s stem cells so the hair doesn’t regrow.

Here’s the newest way to cash in,

On the latest pubic fashion.


Yahoo News – July 14, 2017

It’s no secret that cheeky bikini bottoms are in right now. It’s also no secret that many are wearing a regular-cut bikini bottom and scrunching it up into cheeky territory. A controversy broke out on Twitter recently about the surge of women who are trying to be a part of the cheeky bikini trend by pulling their bottoms up themselves.

With buns exposed for all to peek,
It’s hard to “turn the other cheek.”‬


The Wall Street Street Journal – July 22, 2017

Just do it…Or maybe not. Wearing sneakers with a suit has become socially acceptable in some quarters, but mature guys might want a pair that skews more understated.

“Fashion foolery?” One might dispair it,
But, then “If the shoe fits WEAR IT.”


The Wall Street Journal – June 6, 2017

As some men fever a less – formal look, clothiers are coming up with collars that can stand on their own and look stylish, not sloppy.

“Less formal” in its steady march,
Seeks collars with no droop, no starch.