The wall street Journal – July 17, 2017

A national craving for bacon is pushing US pork belly prices to records… Americans bath around 14% more bacon at stores in 2016 then in 2013

It just fulfills the biblical command’
“Ye shall eat the fat of the land.”‬


The island Packet – July 9, 2017

The trial will follow them for six years to see which group – the moderate drinkers or the abstainers – has more heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

While they pour over data to get at the facts,
I’ll pour a martini and try to relax.


The Wall Street Journal – July 7, 2017

Many big brands didn’t move fast enough to remove artificial ingredients and haven’t been able to shed the negative perception of processed food, said several food executives and others close to the industry.

Boxed Mac’n Cheese; into the shredder.
Now; organic pasta and aged cheddar.


The wall street Journal – June 24, 2017

A daily 10 minute auction in Chicago that helps set the national price of cheese to go electronic on Monday, have being held in a traditional open–outcry format for decades.

Behold the ultimate transmuter,
From cow to an artisanal computer.


The Washinton Post – June 15, 2017

Going full throttle into groceries by announcing a $13.7 billion deal for Whole Foods on Friday, Amazon gets the advantage of using the stores as mini-distribution hubs to deliver items to customers. But online delivery of groceries has been tough to pull off.

Online pictures may be quite pleasing.
But, tomatoes were made for SQUEEZING