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The Wall Street Journal – June 25, 2018

Flippy (robot) will  handle the grunt work, freeing employees to tidy the dining room and refill drinks,  less arduous work that might make it easier to recruit and retain workers.

“2 all beef patties,
Lettuce, cheese, special sauce
Pickles, onions
On a sesame bun.”
(Default to a HUMAN
To handle that HARD one.


Associated Press –  June 14, 2018

But, even in this fast–growing a niche market, companies can hide behind murky dealings, making it difficult to know the story behind any given fish.

Some CLAIMS that it’s “local’ can be squishy.
Too vocal about local may be “fishy.”



NBC Nightly News -May 23, 2018

McDonald’s shareholders are set to vote on a proposal to study the risks of using plastic straws after a petition by environmental activists called on the fast food giant to stop giving them to consumers.

Paper straws, or straws of plastic, ‬
‪(A “problem” most would not deem drastic.)‬
‪So, whatever fills your glass or cup‬
‪You retain a means to “suck ‬it up.”


The Wall Street Journal – April 6, 2018

Now many food manufacturers are going back to basics. Consumers of cereal – children and adults alike – care less about nutrition and more about fun flavors, range of colors, and sweet taste.

The market has spoken. It’s hard to beat,
Crunchy, munchy and excessively sweet.