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North New – December 4, 2017

Operating a drone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol would be a disorderly persons offense under a bipartisan bill that advanced from an Assembly committee Monday, as would using a drone to harm wildlife or endanger people or property.

DRIVING drunk is a “no-no.”
But, who would have thunk,
That a “higher” offense
Would be “DRONING drunk.”


The Register -December 6, 2017

The State of New Jersey is considering a law to criminalize flying drones while drunk or stoned.

A bill introduced last week by Assembly woman Annete Quijano (D-Union) would make it a crime to operate a recreational drone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


DRIVING drunk is a no-no.”

But, who would have thunk,

That a  “higher” offense,

Would be DRONING drunk.


The wall street journal – December 2, 2017

Deficit hawks emerged among the losers in the GOP effort to pass a tax overhaul. The senate prepared Friday to pass a tax bill that would reduce the government revenue by about $1.4 trillion over a decade.

Seen but NOT heard,

The Hawks “Get the bird.”


NPR – November 21, 2017

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, 58 percent of people celebrating the holiday are dreading having to talk politics around the dinner table. Just 31 percent said they were eager to discuss the latest news with their family and friends.

Avoiding “serious” subjects is best.‬
‪Limit any debate to “leg versus breast.”‬


BBC NEWS –  September 24, 2017

There are concerns that the escalating rhetoric could lead to one side misinterpreting the other, with dangerous consequences.

Sticks and stones may break your bones,

But, these words risk making killing zones.