The island Packet – July 9, 2017

The trial will follow them for six years to see which group – the moderate drinkers or the abstainers – has more heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

While they pour over data to get at the facts,
I’ll pour a martini and try to relax.


The Wall Street Journal – June 21, 2017

… Another approach is to think of your commute as a buffer. When you can prepare mentally for the workday then retreat into your thoughts…

Crowding and delays can be unkind.
Try travel to another place in your mind.


The Wall Street Journal – June 11-12 2017

A wave of chemical-free beauty brands has turned natural deodorant into a more respected , and prettily packaged category.

Where are the sprays, roll-ons, or sticks,
To fight the stench of POLITICS?


The Wall Street Journal – May 30, 2017

As prices push higher, seniors feel pressure despite makers rebates and legislative efforts.

No MD is required to observe,
Inflammation of the POCKETBOOK NERVE.


Fox News – May, 11, 2017

According to The Times of London, doctors and surgeons in the U.K. are becoming alarmed at the increasing rate of patients who accidentally lacerate their own hands while attempting to slice through avocados.

A sharp “watch-out” to contemplate,
For each avocado advocate.