Dow Jones Newswires – August 29, 2018

Here are the No. 1 and No. 2 problems for many on airlines these days: shrunken bathrooms — especially in coach. As more planes get fitted with slim lavatories, more passengers are complaining they don’t fit. Twisting and turning is difficult for some. Washing up in a minuscule sink occasionally ends in splashed clothes.

“Let’s make a deal,” before the chance is gone.

We’ll trade in your peanuts for a bigger john.


Reuters – August 24, 2018

Belgian scientists are looking for people to donate their faeces to help with research into illnesses ranging from bowel disorders and allergies to neurological diseases.

This concept needs a “public relations” lift:

Such as, “It’s the ultimate personal gift!”


The Wall Street Journal – August 17, 2018

A trendy garment promises a curvy figure: (‘my insides felt crushed.’

Tight fitting waistbands stand convicted.
(The pain of course is self-inflicted.


Yahoo Finance – June 8, 201

City in China reportedly unveils a walking lane for people who are busy on their phones.

Innovative thinking! And next we envision
Concussion helmets for “heads-down” collision.


The Wall Street Journal – April 27, 2018

The new therapies deliver gene or gene altered cells to tackle some of the hardest to treat diseases, including in children. They come in at a high price: Novartis AG listed it’s newly approved self therapy for cancer at $475,000.

Genetically based, new forms of caregiving,
May greatly inflate “the cost of living.”