Yahoo Finance – June 8, 201

City in China reportedly unveils a walking lane for people who are busy on their phones.

Innovative thinking! And next we envision
Concussion helmets for “heads-down” collision.


The Wall Street Journal – April 27, 2018

The new therapies deliver gene or gene altered cells to tackle some of the hardest to treat diseases, including in children. They come in at a high price: Novartis AG listed it’s newly approved self therapy for cancer at $475,000.

Genetically based, new forms of caregiving,
May greatly inflate “the cost of living.”


The Economist – April 16 , 2018

PETase might make a dent the scourge of plastic waste.

Digesting plastic.
Environmentally neat.
To these hungry enzymes:


The Wall Street Journal – April 6, 2018

Now many food manufacturers are going back to basics. Consumers of cereal – children and adults alike – care less about nutrition and more about fun flavors, range of colors, and sweet taste.

The market has spoken. It’s hard to beat,
Crunchy, munchy and excessively sweet.

{ 0 comments } – May,  2017

Today we face an eternal question: Is it better to shower in the morning or at night? Everyone has his or her own preferences and routines when it comes to hygiene.

Not Red. Not Blue. The vote with serious power,

Is your choice of a morning OR evening shower.