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The New York Times – September 15, 2017i

If you look at the labels of these brands’ truffle oils, you’ll find that the ingredients include truffle “aroma” or “flavor” or “essence.” That’s the chemical 2,4-dithiapentane. Also known as bis (methylthio) methane, it supplies a fair imitation of the natural truffle smell.

Too many cases of “labeling shuffle.”

Where pricey oil never encountered a truffle.


Market Dash  – September 9, 2017

Investors who think they can be successful stock pickers are about to get some sobering news from new academic research. The good news: Yes, buying one stock gives you better odds than buying a lottery ticket. The bad news: Those “better” odds are still much too awful to stake your future on.

Charts and theories provide advice.

What counts? The roll of the dice.


Reuters –  August  30,  2017

Wells found  that 528,000 customers were signed up for online bill pay they did not ask for. The bank will give  $910,000 refund to those customers

If the small print has a squint to it.

You’d be smart to look into it.


The Wall Street journal – July 10, 2017

Campers come for a week inside classrooms, spending seven hours a day studying things like the US current account deficit and supply and demand dynamics.

Scratch arts and crafts, ditch those canoes,
Who’s up for portfolio reviews?‬


The Wall Street Journal June 27, 2017

Stock volatility is near two-decade low and corporate profits have bounced back from a year ago, but investors are increasingly moving to protect himself from big swings in financial markets.

Such low volatility is NOT the norm.
(There is always calm before the STORM.)