Money and Business

The Wall Street Journal December 29, 2017

Tax professionals suddenly have found themselves at the center of the cultural conversation.  Fine points of past-through business income and the state and local tax deduction are now the stuff of every day small talk.

Greet the new year; YES. But the fact is
We’ll toast the guy who might reduce our taxes.


The Wall Street Journal – November 28, 2017

Bitcoins price jumped to a new high within a few hundred dollars of $10,000, extending an eye- popping 2017 run for the digital currency and underscoring ebullient investor sentiment sweeping global markets.

This is the painful question, to wit:

How long until Bitcoin gets “BIT.”


NPR – November 24, 2017

Those hoping to snag one of Lego’s new Star Wars sets for the 2017 holidays will likely be disappointed. It’s currently sold out online. After a September release only to its VIP list, the company promises it’s working as fast as it can to “make more sets available and keep our LEGO builders happy.”

]Kids will gladly brick-em-up.
But, will they ever learn to  pick-em-up?


The Wall Street Journal – November 18, 2017

Emerging market bonds are showing signs of stress, fresh evidence that investor interest in some of the world’s riskiest debt may be cooling down after a long rally.

What yesterday looked “frisky,”

Today, seems rather “risky.”




Business Insider – Novembe 7, 2017

Snap Inc’s stock plunged in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the company reported a disastrous third-quarter report that revealed widespread weakness throughout the business just nine months after its splashy debut on the public markets.

Disappearing IMAGES is the appeal of SNAP,

NOT disappearing MARKET CAP.