psychology – May,  2017

Today we face an eternal question: Is it better to shower in the morning or at night? Everyone has his or her own preferences and routines when it comes to hygiene.

Not Red. Not Blue. The vote with serious power,

Is your choice of a morning OR evening shower.



The New York Times – December 26, 2017

People associate medicine with a bad smell and bitter taste; so with skin care, they think there must be some really active ingredients in there.” And, she adds, if said elixir is also expensive then “it’s like, ‘Oooh it’s supposed to smell bad,’ and it feels even more secret and special.”

“Smelly but good” is an appeal that agrees

With the perverse attraction to funky cheese.


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The New York Times – January 5, 2018

Something seemed to click for people across the political spectrum this week, even among those least inclined to see the world through a gendered lens: When Mr. Trump tweeted, “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” the nuclear saber-rattling at Kim Jong-un of North Korea sounded a lot like penis-measuring.

The attitude that foments wars:

“Mine is BIGGER than  yours!


The Wall Street Journal – November 28, 2017

Bitcoins price jumped to a new high within a few hundred dollars of $10,000, extending an eye- popping 2017 run for the digital currency and underscoring ebullient investor sentiment sweeping global markets.

This is the painful question, to wit:

How long until Bitcoin gets “BIT.”