CNN -July 3, 2017

The majority of American (seven in ten) say that the level of civility in Washington has declined since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds.

“Civil” is the root of “civilization,
A reminder for our nation.


The Wall Street Journal – June 21, 2017

… Another approach is to think of your commute as a buffer. When you can prepare mentally for the workday then retreat into your thoughts…

Crowding and delays can be unkind.
Try travel to another place in your mind.


The Wall Street Journal – June 11-12 2017

A wave of chemical-free beauty brands has turned natural deodorant into a more respected , and prettily packaged category.

Where are the sprays, roll-ons, or sticks,
To fight the stench of POLITICS?


The Economist -May 6-12, 2017

In a poll conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the net 32% of global fund managers think shares are overvalued. Despite that, however, a net 40% have higher than normal holdings and shares.

With “schizoid” thinking the controller,
You know the market’s “buypolar.”


The Wall Street Journal – May 9, 2017

Investors are as sanguine about the stock market as they have been in almost a quarter of a century, according to one indicator, despite months of global political turmoil, showing comfort in the strong corporate earnings and signs that the job market is humming.

Don’t get “too comfy.” It’s not the norm.
There’s Lways calm before the STORM.