Wall street journal – May 2, 2017

The sexual-harassment scandal that has rocked Fox news for neRly year claimed another casualty Monday with the resignation of Bill shine, the network’s co-president and one of itslongest serving executives.

A new corporate value to espouse:
“Keep the fox out of the henhouse.”


The Wall Street Journal – April 21,2017

Bill O’Reilly will exit FOX News with a severance package valued at about $25 million, a person familar with the matter said, after he was forced out in the wake of a sexual – harassment allegations.

Being “out” can pay like being “in.”
You might call it “the wages of sin.”


Slate – March [16, 2017

The suit claims that customers bought an app – controlled Bluetooth compatible device without consenting for their personal information to be collected and stored by the company.

Unwanted sensations.
BAD vibrations.


Reuters Oddly Enough News – November 15, 2016

A new species of frog, whose groin flashes orange to scare away predators has been discovered in Australia.

[Box]A froggy and novel mode of defense:
“Don’t mess with me. See, I’m IMMENSE.[/box]


NPR – May 25, 2016

The sperm are made by some fruit fly species, and they can be more than 2 inches long — or 20 times the length of the fly’s body. The massive sperm get rolled up like a ball of yarn, and they’re so costly to make that males produce very few of them.

Do female Drosophila wince or sigh,
In the presence of an unzipped fly?

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