Business Insider – Novembe 7, 2017

Snap Inc’s stock plunged in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the company reported a disastrous third-quarter report that revealed widespread weakness throughout the business just nine months after its splashy debut on the public markets.

Disappearing IMAGES is the appeal of SNAP,

NOT disappearing MARKET CAP.


‪Reuters – October 19, 2017

Just three months ago, a tech project called Tezos raised $232 million online in a wildly successful “initial coin offering,” in which new digital currency is parceled out to buyers. …But the venture is now in danger of falling apart because of a battle for control playing out behind the scenes, Reuters has learned.

“Crypto” means “secret; ”  most surely a clue

That the imperiled investor may be YOU!‬


The Wall Street Journal – October 7–8 2017

Our devices have an unprecedented grip on our attention – and research suggests that as we grow more dependent on them, our intellects weaken.

If we “outplace” our thinking, it’s not surprising,

That our brains really miss exercising.




The Wall Street Journal – October 4, 2017

A massive data breach at Yahoo  in 2013 was far more extensive than previously disclosed, affecting all of its 3 billion user accounts, new parent company Verizon Communications Inc.  said on Tuesday.

“B” as in billions, a security bog.

But, you’re probably safe if a baby or dog.


Huff Post – September 14, 2017

Here’s the important thing you need to know: if you use the shiny side, you’re doing it right. And if you use the dull side, you’re also doing it right. According to Reynold’s Kitchen, the difference between the two sides has nothing to do with cooking. It’s just a result of manufacturing. (There IS  a difference if you use the ‘non-stick’ product – dull side up)

In this divisive world; this hopeful sign

Both “dull” or “shiny” will just work fine.