There is a huge subculture of people in the beer industry with cellars who are squirreling away bottles, just like with wine, to keep for years,” says Patrick Dawson, a beer writer and the author of Vintage Beer.

Chewy? Jammy? Earthy? Severe?
I like youngish, icy, and clear!


The wall street journal – July 13, 2016

Brewers vow to post calorie data – The biggest brewers in the US said Tuesday they plan to add nutrition labels two beers including Heineken and Corona, detailing the amount of calories, carbohydrates and alcohol in each brew.

“Waiter; hold that brewski for my table.
I forgot to read the nutrition label.”


Forbes/Tech – July 7, 2016

Want to impress your friends at a summer cookout? Try bringing IntelligentX beer; the first beer created through artificial intelligence.
So far there are four beers, each one created by and altered based on customer feedback received by an algorithm.

Algorithmically brewed? I don’t mind at all,
If the “AL” in their ALgorithm stands for “ALcohol.”


The Wall Street Journal – May 3, 2016

Company executives say the drink (Manishevitz wine) which also comes in flavors such as blackberry, cherry and ” pcream peach” – has broad appeal because it is sweet and fruity and has lower alcohol content than most wines.

It’s surprising where you get your biz.
With this wine, “How sweet it is.”


The Wall Street journal October 10–11, 2015

Hoping you to stand out in a competitive market, droolers on throwing all kinds of things into the cattle: broth from a caramelize mousses head, bull testicles, grasshoppers and a pinch of yeast from a beer maker’s beard.

You raise a toast, but it doesn’t ring true,
If you’re forced to say, “THIS BUG’S FOR YOU.”