These are all poems about animals that were based on real news stories and headlines.

NPR – January 8, 2018

The legal saga of the monkey selfie continues: On Wednesday, a federal judge said the macaque who famously snapped a picture of himself cannot be declared the owner of the image’s copyright.

A judgement rendered in this legal quiz.

Such refreshingly silly monkey biz.


The Wall Street Journal – March 30, 2017

Those colossal chronographs and daunting dive watches are starting to look tired. The next tick trend: Compact faces that are less in-your-face.

Watch fashion shifts are strange.
About face! It’s time to change.


Reuters Oddly Enough – January 18, 2017

The artist behind the exhibition entitled “Strong and soft touches” is a 423-kilogram (930 pound) brown bear named Juuso who uses his body, especially his paws, as brushes.

Bear smudges and drips may seem funny,
But, it’s hard for a bear to make money.


OZY NEWSJanuary [], 2017

This stings. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared that the once-abundant rusty patched bumblebee, one of the most common American bee species, is officially endangered. In recent years, pollinator populations have taken a nosedive because of habitat loss and pesticides.

Pesticides, pollution toll the knell,
As bees buzz, “I don’t feel so well.”‬


Reuters Oddly Enough News – November 15, 2016

A new species of frog, whose groin flashes orange to scare away predators has been discovered in Australia.

[Box]A froggy and novel mode of defense:
“Don’t mess with me. See, I’m IMMENSE.[/box]