These are all poems about animals that were based on real news stories and headlines.

Think. When last did you come to grips,
With the query “Did dinosaurs have lips?)


NPR – January 8, 2018

The legal saga of the monkey selfie continues: On Wednesday, a federal judge said the macaque who famously snapped a picture of himself cannot be declared the owner of the image’s copyright.

A judgement rendered in this legal quiz.

Such refreshingly silly monkey biz.


The Wall Street Journal – March 30, 2017

Those colossal chronographs and daunting dive watches are starting to look tired. The next tick trend: Compact faces that are less in-your-face.

Watch fashion shifts are strange.
About face! It’s time to change.


Reuters Oddly Enough – January 18, 2017

The artist behind the exhibition entitled “Strong and soft touches” is a 423-kilogram (930 pound) brown bear named Juuso who uses his body, especially his paws, as brushes.

Bear smudges and drips may seem funny,
But, it’s hard for a bear to make money.


OZY NEWSJanuary [], 2017

This stings. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared that the once-abundant rusty patched bumblebee, one of the most common American bee species, is officially endangered. In recent years, pollinator populations have taken a nosedive because of habitat loss and pesticides.

Pesticides, pollution toll the knell,
As bees buzz, “I don’t feel so well.”‬