(People find creative uses for unworn neckwear: “I can’t throw they away” -WSJ)

In the “closet of life” we will find,
Many examples of “ties that bind.”


(Art expert, says the nose, beards and hairstyles…match a portrait of Leonardo that was made several years after he created his masterpiece)

Leonardo “saint” or Leonardo “sinner?”
Or, just the man who came to dinner.


Marie Kondo-ing aside,
It’s a not a deep mystery,
That what some may call “junk”
Some call “personal history.”


The Wall Street Journal – October 13–14, 2018

If you’re like most American men, your closet is a blur of beige, black and navy: a bit dismal and decidedly out of date. Color is ruling again, and even a small dose can lift your look – and you’re out of luck.

If this trend is true.
HUE are you?


NPR – December 6, 2017

As an exasperated  Jeremiah Tower told Bon Appetit Magazine, “When I see little dots on a plate, am I supposed to stick my fork in each sauce? Am I supposed to drag my finger across the plate and lick it off? A spoonful of sauce slid on the plate looks like the cat’s ass has been used to drag the purée across.”

Dots and dashes of sauce are a chef’s Morse Code,

For a fancy touch (and a check upload.)