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(Addictive Chinese video-sharing platform has 1.2 billion downloads. Snags eyeballs from rival like Snap)

Hickory dickory dock.
Now comes the app TIK TOK.
Yet another in the chain
Of things that soften the brain.


‪(Totems of a pre-digital era are enjoying a surprising resurgence)‬

Do plans seem more “real” when inscribed on paper,‬
‪Than those recorded in digital vapor?‬


I cannot tell a lie”
G. Washington (it’s said) asserted.
A simple, quaint objective
That Washington (DC) has deserted???


(Devices in bedroom, tech budget, too many photo posts)

If smartphone “issues” keep you apart,
Take the phone’s lead: try to be SMART!

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“The way the brand has changed is the way we have changed in culture, you’ll always see Barbie being reflective of what’s happening right now in society, in the world of fashion,” said Kim Culmone, Senior Vice President of Design for Barbie.

Tweaked each year in an updated guise.
(Hard to do for human dolls and guys.