Everything Else

The Wall Street Journal – January 9, 2018

An edible-gold arms race is ramping up in the United Arab Emirates.  There are gold-flaked pizzas and gold-injected soups, gold-dusted french fries and gold-infused bloody Mary’s, etc.

Mid flecks and flakes, parents parrot:

“Stop complaining’ EAT YOUR KARAT.”





The Wall Street Journal – December 28, 2018

Juul says its products are designed to help adults cigarette smokers switch to a less – harmful way to inhale nicotine, but the company’s own research shows its  sleek device has hooked many people who have never smoked or who had quit smoking.

Chewed, smoked, NOW vaped – demand’s still keen,
For good old-fashioned nicotine.


The New York Times – September 18, 2018

Violence, bitter partisanship, an uncertain future. These are dark times.In fact, humanity just had its gloomiest year in more than a decade, according to a new survey of the emotional lives of more than 154,000 people around the world.

Worry, stress, political mess,

Are drags on people’s happiness.


The New York Times – August 30, 2018

A large study in China suggests a link between air pollution and negative effects on people’s language and math skills.

I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be smoggy,

To find some people whose thinking is foggy.


Slate – August 19, 2018

Every once in a while, Trump’s allies give us the gift of phrases that seem to succinctly illustrate the problem that the commander in chief has with truth and facts. …“Truth isn’t truth!” yelled Giuliani at one point during his interview on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday as he tried to explain why the president shouldn’t testify for special counsel Robert Mueller.

Recall  who is saying that  “Truth isn’t truth,”

When you next walk into the VOTING BOOTH.