These are all poems about fashion based on real news stories and headlines.

The Wall Street Journal – February 14, 2019

Common sense calls for socks; fashion sense not… Now, cropped pants, leggings and short boots are hot looks even in winter driving fashion – conscious men and women to subject their ankles to this seasons arctic temperatures.

You “foot the bill” for these fashion decrees,
With ankles and toes toes that almost freeze.


The Wall Street Journal  – January 23, 2019

Cosmetic brands push makeup for working out … a response to pressure to always look picture perfect in an age of selfies and social media.

“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”
Makeup makes up a new inanity.


The Economist -December 8-14, 2018

“The way people dress has changed,” says Serena Rees is a stalwart of the industry.… “People don’t want boobs up under their chin or things pressed or pushed in.”

Lingerie fashion change has set this test:
Can Victoria’s Secret stay abreast?


The Wall Street Journal – November 10–11, 2018

Brands are offering a wider variety of flats than ever, elevating what once was a casual work alternative or a commuting shoe to one that’s acceptable for more formal social occasions.

What’s that sound? Delight or squeals?
Heels high as the sky, now down at the heels.


The Wall Street Journal – October 13–14, 2018

If you’re like most American men, your closet is a blur of beige, black and navy: a bit dismal and decidedly out of date. Color is ruling again, and even a small dose can lift your look – and you’re out of luck.

If this trend is true.
HUE are you?