funny poem about writing novels

The New York Times – January 24, 2019

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Thursday that he did not understand why federal workers who are not being paid during a government shutdown that is in its fifth week would use services like food banks, suggesting that they should take out loans to stay afloat.

So, after you’ve kicked’em,

Blame the]


The Wall Street Journal  – January 30, 2018

Economists call that a “wealth affect.” But when you taken to far it can be a red flag that markets are getting overheated and household over extended.

History shows that “too frothy” spending,

May NOT end up with a happy ending.


The Wall Street Journal – September 21, 2017

So change it back is what the company did. General Mills has decided to reintroduce the original, more-vibrant Trix, artificial flavorings and all, and will start selling it on supermarket shelves alongside the more wholesome version in October.

Be it cereal or politics, our nation,

Embraces “market segmententation.”


BBC – August 12, 2016

Many Republicans have determined the Trump campaign has finally reached the point of no return and are running for the exits. So what are their

Detach? Dethrone? Divorce?
Or, just old-fashioned “buyer’s remorse.”


The Wall Street Journal – June 18, 2015

Readers turned out in droves Thursday for the fourth installment in E.L. James’s steamy “Fifty Shades” series – a retelling of the first novel, this time from Mr. Grey’s point of view. On Twitter, readers posted photographs of raunchy passages they had highlighted in the book – passages too graphic, unfortunately, to be quoted in The Wall Street Journal. One excerpt that generated particularly heated discussion involved a piece of peeled ginger root.

‘Fifty Shades’ with rope and whip,
Still has readers in its grip.