funny verse based on a headline

The Wall Street Journal – January 18, 2019

Big vote loss for UK’s prime minister raises new uncertainty ahead of Britain’s EU exit date.

Parliament has decided to hex it,
This contentious version of Brexit.









The New York Times – January 12, 2019

The border wall remains popular only with the president’s base, and shutting down the government over the issue seems unlikely to win new fans.

Grumpy Trumpy stand pat on his wall.

Will grumpy Trumpy have a great fall?


The Wall Street Journal – January 10, 2019

Hotels have gotten creative and fattening your bill while offering week perks in return.

If there’s squint to it,

Better look into it.

{ 0 comments } -October 18, 2018

This is the seventh building to remove Donald Trump’s name since 2016. The others included three other “Trump Place” buildings in the same complex in New York, plus hotels in Toronto, Panama, and the SoHo neighborhood of New York.

What’s in a name? Here is a speculation:

No longer “GILT (but GUILT) by association.”


The Wall Sreet Journal – December 21, 2018

The fourth quarter’s continuing stock market rout has pulled all three US indexs deeper into the red for the year.

As conflicts shift from simmer to boil,
The market girds for a “battle roil.”