Government, Politics and Law –  3/29/18

Effective January 1, 2018, office meals and snacks are no longer fully tax-deductible. After 2025, the tax break will be entirely phased out‬.

Expect outrage and grumpy grumbles.‬
‪But, that’s how the tax cookie crumbles.



The Wall Street Journal – March 5, 2019

These are difficult times for tax preparers. Changes in Treasury Department rules have made it an especially tricky tax season. That has led preparers to stock up on chocolate, tissues, and painkillers-both for unhappy clients and for themselves.

Take the “fun” out of “reFUNd”
And here’s where you are;
Less money to spend
(Plus a small Hershey bar.)



The Wall Street Journal – February 22, 2019

‪The administration of President Donald Trump has pledged up to $12 billion in aid to help offset losses for crops hit by retaliatory Chinese tariffs imposed in response to Washington’s tariffs on Chinese goods.‬

“Tariff blowback”caused the need for this aid.

Billions tha WE (NOT the Chinese) paid.



The Wall Street Journal – January 22, 2019

In the past two years, the world has been rocked first by the rise of right-wing populists and  now by a re-energized left. Both are products of a deeper seated destabilization trend: the hollowing out of the political middle.

It’s everywhere – a vexing riddle,
As people shun the squishy middle.
The “Golden Mean” has gotten meaner,
And no one wants an “in-betweener.”
So, on one sure thing we might agree,
Just say, “It’s easy-just think like ME.”


The Wall Street Journal – February 8, 2019

The (tax) overhaul continues to generate thousands of jobs for tax professionals as companies analyze the law and rely on tax experts to do all the work flowing from the legislation and internal revenue service rules.

Things seem to work in mysterious ways,
For the benefit of lawyers and CPAs.