Mathematics, Science and Environment

BBC – October 7, 2018

It’s the final call, say scientists, the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. Their dramatic report on keeping that rise under 1.5 degrees C states that the world is now completely off track, heading instead towards 3C.

Slowly this reality is dawning:‬
‪Not “climate warming” but CLIMATE WARNING.‬


The Wall Street Journal – October 3, 2017

Faced with the prospect of a warming planet, the world of business and finance is starting to put a price on climate change.

Even if you’re a ‘climate change’ DENIER:
Your insurance rates are going HIGHER.






Reuters – August 24, 2018

Belgian scientists are looking for people to donate their faeces to help with research into illnesses ranging from bowel disorders and allergies to neurological diseases.

This concept needs a “public relations” lift:

Such as, “It’s the ultimate personal gift!”


The Wall Street Journal – August 17, 2018

There used to be a strict hierarchy: Traders made money and won glory while programmers wrote code. No more.

The swaggering “traders” and players of “hunch”
Defer to “nerds” who code and number-crunch.


BBC Future – August 12, 2018

Stasis is a way of pausing physical and chemical processes – including those of life. It could be a way for us to save the critically ill, or allow ultra-long space missions.

An intriguing query. A real mind-teaser.

(If true, I’d keep a quart in my freezer.)