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AP NEWS – November 30, 2018

A security breach inside Marriott’s worldwide hotel empire has compromised the information of as many as 500 million guests, exposing in some cases credit card numbers, passport numbers and birthdates, the company said Friday.

That Marriott “checks you in” – no doubt.

But, are there OTHERS “checking you out?


The Wall Street Journal –  November 2, 2018

Retailer and other companies, calculate what shoppers are worth, then treat them accordingly…Everyone with the bank account, cell phone or online shopping habit has a CLV score.

A “CLV” (customer lifetime value) may apply.
Simply stated, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY.”


The Wall Street Journal – October 30, 2018

Traders continued to flee the shares that was the strongest performers earlier this year, citing unease over valuations and deteriorating sentiment.

What yesterday was “frisky,”

Today seems rather “risky.”



The Wall Street Journal – October 16, 2018

Interest payments on the federal debt and military spending rose rapidly, while tax revenue failed to keep pace as the  Republican tax cuts for both individuals and corporations kicked in. “The deficit is absolutely higher than anyone would like.”

It’s “deficit spending” after all.

Just “robbing Peter to payoff Paul.”


The Wall Street Journal – September 20, 2018

In the old days if you were wearing used clothing you were poor…  Today platinum fashion brands sell blue jeans in every state of distress.

The ‘linguistic’ approach to money mintage:‬
‪Take OLD CLOTHING – call it “Vintage.”‬