The Economist -December 8-14, 2018

“The way people dress has changed,” says Serena Rees is a stalwart of the industry.… “People don’t want boobs up under their chin or things pressed or pushed in.”

Lingerie fashion change has set this test:
Can Victoria’s Secret stay abreast?


The Wall Street Journal – November 10–11, 2018

Brands are offering a wider variety of flats than ever, elevating what once was a casual work alternative or a commuting shoe to one that’s acceptable for more formal social occasions.

What’s that sound? Delight or squeals?
Heels high as the sky, now down at the heels.


The Wall Street Journal –  November 2, 2018

Retailer and other companies, calculate what shoppers are worth, then treat them accordingly…Everyone with the bank account, cell phone or online shopping habit has a CLV score.

A “CLV” (customer lifetime value) may apply.
Simply stated, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY.”


The Wall Street Journal – October 30, 2018

Traders continued to flee the shares that was the strongest performers earlier this year, citing unease over valuations and deteriorating sentiment.

What yesterday was “frisky,”

Today seems rather “risky.”



AP- October 27,  2018

The volatile tribalism now so ingrained in American life will eventually right itself, says Robb Willer, a sociology professor at Stanford University, but not until the public decides it’s had enough and stops rewarding politicians who use incendiary language and demonize the other.

Has “Make America Great Again”
Morphed into “Make America HATE Again.”