Now, each reincarnated Lama,
Will be involved in heavy drama
With Chinese agents acting oddly
Who’ll say who is and who is not Godly.


The Wall Street Journal – September 20, 2018

It should come as no surprise that modest fashion has an increasing following of non- Muslim buyers, women who are no longer wish to let it all hang out.

Has T&A‬
‪Had its day?‬


The Street Journal  – August 16, 2017

President Donald Trump, and a combative a news conference on Tuesday, defended his response to the racially charged protests over the weekend, saying both sides were to blame for the clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia .

Twisted thinking has got him,

In a furious RACE to the bottom.



NPR – January 6, 2016

I (author Deepak Singh)learned that cow dung cakes can now be ordered on the Indian Amazon website. Out of curiosity, I ordered 6 pieces. It cost me 236 rupees, about $4. I called the local office of Amazon and spoke to Jaideep, who was very courteous and happy to answer my questions. He said, “Sir, this is a new product that Amazon is selling and they are getting a lot of orders from folks in urban areas where it is not so easy to find cow dung cakes.” When I asked him what people wanted it for, he said, “They use it for religious purposes only.”

There’s no news here, it’s sad to say,
There’s crap in my mailbox every day.


The Atlantic -November 10, 2015

Seeking religious affirmation from corporate branding is ironic, misguided, and culturally damaging.

All I want from Starbucks when I go,
Is a hot, well-brewed cup of joe.

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