The Wall Street Journal – October 9, 2018

(These devices)  sometimes freak people out, seeming to drop into conversations uninvited, playing music unprompted in the middle of the night, turning on other gadgets at random and acting generally well, possessed.

You’ll know if Alexa is acting ‘funny”

When she asks to borrow some money.


The Wall Street Journal – October 6–7, 2018

According to a 2016 study by the  Academy of Management, employees tally an average of eight hours a week answering work – related emails after leaving the office.

Would some smart programmer please design,
A digital ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign.


Reuters – September 21, 2018

The computer-generated trio at the center of Balmain’s new campaign is the latest example of fashion brands embracing technology to lure digital-savvy younger clients.

Is she human” or “digital”?- In actuality,‬
‪Supermodels rarely reflected “reality.”‬


The Guardian – March 6, 2018

Lego has reported its first drop in sales and profits in more than a decade as children ditch its plastic bricks for more modern toys.

Building brick by brick may be seen as “quaint.”
(GRAND THEFT AUTO – it ain’t.)


The Wall Street Journal – August 17, 2018

There used to be a strict hierarchy: Traders made money and won glory while programmers wrote code. No more.

The swaggering “traders” and players of “hunch”
Defer to “nerds” who code and number-crunch.