Giant Handbags are Getting Bigger – and are a Growing Concern

Wall Street Journal

Some of the largest bags, shown by everyone from Louis Vuitton to Channel and Prada, now measure up to 2 feet in length…the size of a small garbage bag…Karen Erickson…spokeswoman for the American Chiropractic Association estimates that the number of purse-related injuries and sprains she treats has risen 30%. “When people come into my office complaining of neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches I go over and pick up their handbags and give it a weigh test…it’s amazing how heavy they get…”

Like Marley’s ghost hauling it’s chain
The “Fashionista” suffers great pain –
Backache, neck ache and even worse
Schlepping her huge and pricey purse.
A Zen-like voice booms this rebuff –
“Don’t weigh yourself down with your stuff!”

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