Stocks Fall On Gloomy 3rd Quarter

Yahoo Finance-September 1, 2011

Stocks are falling at midday, puting the market on track for the worst  quarterly loss since the begining of the financial crisis.(read full story here)

Once the “fatted calf” is slaughtered.
Like the market, it’s “drawn and quartered.”

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judy dwyer

I’m not a tweeter; but heard you on ON POINT ; Looked up your blog- Wow! Greatly impressed. This old baby boomer may need to reach out to connect in a new way. LOVE your creative expression. Thanks.



This is a belated “thanks” for your generous comments about Rhymes For Our Times in connection with the On Point program about Twitter. I simply missed seeing your original post until now. “Headlines” provide constant fodder for light verse. Twitter adds another level of challenge with its 140 chracter constraint.

Norm Levy


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