Talk Globally, Go Locally: Cellphones Vs. Clean Toilets

NPR- March 21, 3013

Right now, 6 billion people around the world have cellphones. But only 4.5 billion people have access to a clean commode, the United Nations said Thursday. (Read full story here.)

The urgency of nature’s call
Is one that engages us all.
We’ll put aside standards of clean
To seek out the nearest latrine
Or privy or tree trunk or wall
Or hidden recess in a mall.
Of needs, surely this one is chief,
The promise of blessed relief.

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Love your rhyme! I almost wrote a poem about this, but then realized that it’s likely none of those people have access to a land line telephone, so is it really that crazy that they have cell phones? It’s not that I’m not upset they don’t have toilets, I just think there should be a bit more information shared along with that statistic.


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